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Here you can select the technology you want to use for the viewing and transmission of your photos. 

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Client Technology

Comfort Client

Please wait, checking for comfort client support...

Your computer meets the requirements for the much better comfort client version. Click Activate Comfort Client to install the required plugin for this computer. You only have to do this once and you will get a much better experience of our online photo services.

? Add multiple photos
? Browse folders easily
? Preview photos

Your computer is currently unable to use the comfort client. Please use a webbrowser that supports Java (like Mozilla Firefox) or use the Internet Explorer to use ActiveX technology.

You need administrative access rights to install or update the ActiveX-plugin!

Usage ActiveX-controls is generally enabled but the check for administrative access rights is not allowed. To enable this check set »initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting« to at least »prompt« within your Internet Explorer settings and reload the page.

You may continue trying to use the comfort client if you know to have local administrative rights.

The Comfort Client has already been installed at your system but you do not have administrative access rights. If the Comfort Client has to be updated this must be done by an local administrator.

If the next page does not load properly a local administrator must do the update.

You need administrative access rights to install or update the ActiveX-plugin.

Standard Client

If you experience any problems with the comfort client or you don't want to activate it, we recommend to use the standard client.